SPHINEX Filtration Unit Series

SPHINEX Filtration Unit Series

SPHINX” series is DARA OIL Services single and double vessel filtration units (or as requested) designed to be multi-purpose user friendly equipment.

SPHINX” is designed and certified to perform in both offshore and onshore operations.

SPHINX” offers customized fit to purpose vessels to be loaded with what ever filter cartridges number as operations need.

Each unit comes skid mounted with all necessary valves and safety features.

The unit enables simultaneous filtration with one vessel, while the spent cartridges of the other vessel are changed out.

Certified hoisting slings and forklift pockets enable the equipment to be lifted quickly and easily with minimum risk at damaging.

Benefits / Features

  • 50 cartridges per vessel.
  • Serial / Parallel / Bypass.
  • Designed for offshore and onshore duty.
  • Safety valve set at 7 bar (101.5 psi).
  • Connections made of SS304 unions fig. 100 fitted with o-ring or as required for easy and 100% leak-proof sealing.
  • Swing-bolts and eye nuts for quick opening.
  • Easy to operate lever and swing-away vessel lid.
  • Corrosion protected painted frame (Any RAL color on request).
  • Integrated safety railing, ladder and service platform.

Certified hoisting slings lifting lugs and forklift pockets


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