Filtration Solutions

Advanced Water Technology

Filtration Technology main purpose is to remove the undesired solids in brines, sea water and formation water based on reservoir characteristics in the light of formation damage concept in order to optimize production rates and / or injection rates through customized built filter unit:

  • Formation rock.
  • Formation porosity.
  • Formation permeability.
  • Formation matrix.
  • Formation water chemical analysis.


In most of operation areas, the fluid turbidity before and after filtration is considered as a measure for the filtration operation success, that technique of measure misses the main two factors to measure the filtered fluid quality which are

  • Size range of the suspended particles.
  • Quantity of suspended particles.


In Filtration operations, We Can Support Our Clients With

Provide Filtration Service, utilizing our own designed and manufactured SPHINX & SPHINX HP filtration series, we positioned ourselves not only as a services provider, but also as a solution provider, where we study the customers technical challenge and design & manufacture the fit ideal solution with the best financial impact.


Since we started to exist in the market, we succeed to provide complete solutions for some unique technical challenges such as:

  • High temperature filtration operations up to 250 deg.F.
  • High pressure filtration operations up to 16 bar (235 psi) working pressure / 20 bar (294 psi) maximum pressure.
  • High volume per hour, where we succeed to execute operations up to 1500 cu.m/hr (9435 bbl/hr).
  • High suspended solids (turbidity) filtration operation.
  • Colling oil fluid filtration.
  • Glycol filtration and recovery in gas plants operations


In Filtration operations, We Can Support Our Clients With

  • Provide Filtration Service.
  • Customize filtration units (design & manufacture).
  • Provide filtration units on rental basis.

As follows,

  • Pod units.
  • DE units.
  • Media filters units.