Production Solutions

Production Solutions

DARA, production solutions for Oil and Gas Fields have been developed to meet our customers’ unique needs:

  • Down-hole and topside applications both onshore and offshore.
  • Facilitate the separation of oil, gas, and water in the topside equipment.
  • Modern production technology and environmental constraints demand chemical solutions.
  • Innovative and cost-effective economy level.


Emulsion Breakers

Dara oil Services supplies a broad range of emulsion breakers specifically formulated to handle a variety of fluid conditions and applications. Crude oil, tank bottoms, produced water treatment and disposal wells.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Dara corrosion inhibitors are designed for a variety of applications including oil and gas plants, refineries, and transportation lines. Dara corrosion inhibitors reduce costs and extend the working life of capital assets such as process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.



Dara biocides control aerobic, anaerobic, acid producing and sulfate reducing bacteria. Dara Production Solution provides micro-biocide studies to select the best treatment program to meet each system’s unique requirements.


Coagulants & Flocculants

Dara provides a full range of inorganic and organic coagulants as well as flocculants for oil & gas and refining industry. Applications include mud dewatering, oil/water separation and produced water treatment.


Dara complete defoamer line is designed to effectively treat foaming problems across a broad spectrum of oil & gas industry applications.


Pour Point Depressants

Dara Pour point depressants designed to control wax crystal formation in crude oils with a high wax content / high pour point and hence reduce the PPT at which they are able to flow in addition to control or prevent wax deposition in pipes and systems.